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Edmonton 3 Months Baby Photoshoot

As a baby photographer, one of the most common concerns I hear from parents is their hesitancy to bring their newborn out for a photo shoot. It's a valid concern, given the delicate nature of newborns and the desire of many parents to keep them safely at home during those very early days. However, there's a beautiful opportunity that arises a little later in your baby's life—the Edmonton 3-month baby photoshoot session.

Edmonton 3 month baby photoshoot

Why consider a 3-month photo session, you might ask? This age is, in my experience, a golden window where your baby still retains that newborn appearance, yet they start to unfold their personality in more observable ways. Unlike the newborn stage, where sleep dominates most of their day, 3-month-old babies are more awake, more aware, and incredibly responsive to their parents' actions and voices.

The Magic of 3 Months

At 3 months, your baby is likely to gift you with something utterly heartwarming—their first genuine smiles. Unlike the reflexive smiles of a newborn, these smiles are responses to the world around them, making a 3-month photo session uniquely rewarding. These moments of early interaction, where your baby begins to engage more with their environment, are fleeting and precious.

During a 3-month session, we can capture the softness of their infant days with the added dimension of their emerging personalities. The photos from this stage are incredibly special, showcasing the baby's development and the burgeoning bond between baby and parents.

Edmonton 3 month baby photoshoot

What to Expect During a 3-Month Photo Session

  1. More Interaction: Your baby can now make eye contact, smile, and even allowing for a wider variety of shots and expressions.

  2. Longer Awake Times: Since 3-month-olds tend to have more extended periods of wakefulness, we have a great opportunity to capture a mix of serene and lively moments.

  3. Physical Milestones: Babies at this age are starting to gain more control over their movements. They might not be ready for a full roll-over, but their attempts and tummy time provide adorable photo ops.

  4. Personality Plus: Every baby is unique, and by 3 months, their individual personality starts shining through, from their smiles to their curious gazes at the camera.

Preparing for Your 3-Month Milestone Session

To make the most of your session, consider timing the photoshoot after a feeding and nap to ensure your baby is well-rested and content. Bringing their favourite toys or items that soothe and entertain them can also help in capturing those picture-perfect moments.

Edmonton 3 month baby photoshoot

In Conclusion

While the newborn stage is undeniably special, the 3-month milestone brings with it a new range of delightful moments worth capturing. It's a time when your baby's personality begins to bloom, and their interaction with the world around them becomes more evident. As a baby photographer, I find immense joy in documenting these milestones, providing families with memories that will warm their hearts for years to come.

Remember, each phase of your baby's life is fleeting and precious in its own right. Whether you opt for a newborn session, a 3-month shoot, or both, you're capturing a moment in time that you'll cherish forever.

If you have any questions about scheduling a milestone session or need advice on preparing for your shoot, feel free to reach out. Let's capture the magic of your growing baby together!

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