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Edmonton Newborn Photographer: Do I Expect Tips From Client

As a newborn photographer, I often discuss with potential clients what my packages include and the associated costs.

Sometimes, I can sense that people want to ask if they need to tip, and if so, how much. It’s a delicate question because nobody wants to seem disrespectful of someone’s work. However, adding a 15% tip on top of the overall price, as is common in restaurants, can feel steep.

Edmonton Newborn Photographer

So let’s talk about this behind the scenes.

No, you generally do not need to tip photographers, and I personally do not expect tips from clients. Whenever a client attempts to tip me, I politely decline because my prices fully cover my services. Every child that comes into my studio receives the same high level of care and attention. Yes, some children might take longer to work with, but that's the nature of newborn photography. If I expected tips from those sessions that take longer, it would imply I do not value the natural differences among children.

When you choose a Edmonton newborn photographer, there are something that you need to discuss with them:


If price is your main concern, simply ask, "How much does your package cost?" Also, inquire if there will be any additional fees. Sometimes, photographers will even share how much their past clients typically spent.

Don’t hesitate to ask for detailed pricing information. It’s best to know what you’ll need to achieve your ideal results right from the start, rather than being surprised at the end.

Edmonton Newborn Photographer

2. Expectations

Discuss what to expect during the session. Every baby is different; some may be more cooperative than others, but most have their own rhythms. Find out what typical and extreme scenarios might look like. As a baby photographer, I find it beneficial to set these expectations early on. Working with babies can be unpredictable, so knowing what might happen helps you prepare adequately.

3. Preparation Tips

It's always helpful to know how you can prepare for the session. Your photographer should provide you with a list of tips on how you can best prepare your baby, and even yourself, for the shoot. This might include advice on feeding schedules, clothing choices, and bringing favourite toys to comfort your baby. This preparation can go a long way in ensuring the session runs smoothly and is enjoyable for all involved.

4. Duration and Scheduling

Understanding the typical duration of a newborn photography session is crucial. Ask about the expected length of the shoot and how flexible the scheduling is. Sometimes, sessions need to be extended if a baby is particularly unsettled, and knowing your photographer's policy on this beforehand can alleviate any stress on the day.

Edmonton Newborn Photographer

5. Post-Session Details

Finally, inquire about what happens after the session. How long will it take to receive your photos? Are there any post-processing options available? Will you get prints, digital files, or both? Knowing these details upfront will help you manage your expectations and ensure you’re satisfied with the final product.

In conclusion, when choosing a newborn photographer, it's important to have an open line of communication. Feel comfortable to ask about pricing, expectations, preparation, and post-session logistics to ensure your needs and desires are fully addressed. Remember, a good photographer will not only aim to capture beautiful moments but also make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for both you and your baby.

At the end of the day, the goal is to create lasting memories without any added stress. As for tipping, while always appreciated, it's not expected. Your satisfaction and referrals to friends and family are the best 'tips' you could offer.

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