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Capturing Precious Moments: The Edmonton Newborn Photography Experience

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to Little One Photography, where we specialize in creating timeless memories of your newborn's earliest days. I'm Samantha, the heart behind the lens and the founder of Little One Photography. Entrust me with the joy of capturing your baby's essence and your family's precious moments.

Edmonton Newborn Photography

Step 1: The Personal Touch - Free Consultation

Embark on this journey with a 20-minute free consultation where we get to know each other. Through a Zoom meeting or a phone call, I'll share my photography style and vision, while understanding your expectations. It's a chance for you to see if Little One Photography is the right fit for your newborn and your family.

Step 2: Securing Your Special Moment

Upon receiving your signed contract and initial payment, we pencil in your due date. Recognizing that babies arrive in their own time, we ensure flexibility, scheduling sessions between your baby's 5-12 days considered the golden age for newborn photography. If you prefer wait until your baby older, we can schedule an Edmonton newborn photography session up to 6 weeks old baby.

Step 3: Personalizing Your Session

Join me for an hour-long meeting, either in my studio or via Zoom, to discuss the unique setup you envision. We delve into details like colour preferences, your home's aesthetic, and your baby's nursery decor, ensuring your final images are not just photographs but cherished pieces of art.

Edmonton Newborn Photography

Step 4: Welcoming Your Bundle of Joy

Once you have your baby arrive, you will let me know and we will schedule an exact date and time for your newborn baby. I will also send you a preparation guide to help you prepare your baby for the session. If anything happened and you need to change your time, please let me know and I will try my best to fit you in the next few days.

Step 5: Your session date

At your newborn photo session, you can expect 3-5 hours of relaxing time. We will take care everything from bootle feeding, diaper changing, photographing, posing. We have water, snacks for you to keep you stay hydrated and full; diapers, diaper cream, everything you might need for your baby. All you need to do is relaxing and watching. A lot of my clients fall into sleep while we taking photos. This will be a good opportunity for you to take a break from taking care of a newborn baby.

Edmonton Newborn Photography

Step 6: Selection Made Simple

Within three days post-session, return to the studio for a personalized photo gallery review. Witness your photos on my professional, colour-corrected monitor, and even get a glimpse of a retouched sample. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss any specific retouching preferences you may have. Also, if you have product in your packages, we will go over the design and look of your final products.

Step 7: Your Final Masterpieces

In 10-15 days, your meticulously retouched photos will be delivered. If you're satisfied, I'll proceed to send them to my trusted professional photo lab for the creation of your chosen luxury products.

Step 8: Unveiling Your Luxury Product

Depending on your chosen products, expect to receive them within 5-8 weeks. Around festive seasons like Christmas, please allow for a slightly extended waiting period. Once they arrive, rest assured they'll be thoroughly checked for quality before being shipped or personally delivered at your convenience.

To find out more about our Edmonton Newborn Photography Portfolio:

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