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Edmonton Summer Family Photo - Flower Guide

As a family photographer, I know all of my clients want to include flowers in their summer family photos. In this blog, I'm going to provide some guidelines for Edmonton summer flowers.

Mid April - End April

Spring blossoms are the best option if you are looking for beautiful and romantic photos. Here in Edmonton, we have a late but short spring season. All the flowers will appear and be gone within two weeks.

I usually pick my photoshoot locations around downtown Edmonton. It has more mature fruit trees, perfect for large landscape photos.

Edmonton Family photo

Beginning of May

Right after the spring blossoms, dandelions will be the next flower to photograph. I know many people dislike them as they can be wild grass that harms your lawn. But when they are still little yellow flowers, they can create a dreamy feeling in your background.

I usually pick locations in Windermere, but you can find them everywhere in Edmonton.

Edmonton family photo

Mid May - Mid June

Lilacs are the next flowers to photograph. They come in many different colours, from light pink to deep purple. These flowers have a long blooming period, so you can wait for a sunny day at sunset to capture these beautiful blooms.

All the botanical gardens around Edmonton have these flowers.

End June - End July

Canola flowers will bloom from the end of June to the end of July, depending on the seeding time. If you love a large expanse of flowers in your photos, this will be the best opportunity. These tall flowers will give you a chance to wear sneakers if you prefer comfort during the shoot.

I usually pick my location on the edge of the canola fields, so we don't destroy the plants but still get beautiful photos.

Edmonton family photo

Beginning July - End July

Roses are in their prime during this time and are perfect for watching or photographing. The vibrant colours and classic beauty of roses make them an excellent choice for family photos. The University of Alberta Botanic Garden and various parks around Edmonton offer beautiful rose gardens where you can capture stunning shots.

Mid July - Mid August

Wildflowers are abundant during this period and can add a touch of natural beauty to your photos. Fields and meadows around Edmonton, such as those in the private wild flower gardens, provide a diverse range of wildflowers, including daisies, buttercups, and clover. These locations offer a rustic, natural backdrop that is perfect for capturing the essence of summer.

Edmonton family photo

Mid August - Mid September

Sunflowers are in full bloom during this time, offering a stunning backdrop for family photos. Sunflower fields near Edmonton, such as the Edmonton Corn Maze, are ideal locations. The tall, golden flowers create a warm and cheerful atmosphere, perfect for end-of-summer photoshoots. The sunflower season is relatively short, so be sure to schedule your session while they are at their peak.


I hope this guide helps you plan your summer family photo sessions with beautiful Edmonton flowers. Each flower has its unique charm and can add a special touch to your family photos. If you’re ready to book your summer family photo session or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to capturing your beautiful moments amidst the stunning floral landscapes of Edmonton!

To get a free summer outfit guide, please contact me.


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