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Celebrate Your Baby's First Birthday Photoshoot in Edmonton

Updated: Feb 18

Congratulations on reaching a significant milestone – your baby's 1st birthday! This past year has undoubtedly been challenging, filled with labor, postpartum recovery, sleepless nights, and teething troubles. You've shown incredible strength and resilience, and now it's time to capture these precious moments with a special first birthday photoshoot in Edmonton– not just for your baby but for you too!

The Sweetness of a Cake Smash: Creating Lasting Memories

At this momentous occasion first birthday, your little one is officially ready to devour anything, we invite you to indulge in our exclusive cake smash experience. We'll treat your baby (and you) to a delightful first birthday photoshoot -cake smash session featuring a customized cake and theme designed just for you.

First birthday photoshoot near me

First birthday photoshoot near me

First birthday photoshoot near me


What is a cake smash session?

Wondering what a cake smash first birthday photoshoot? It's all about capturing the priceless reactions of your baby encountering a tempting, round cake exclusively meant for them. Picture your child seated before the cake – will they smash it, lick it, devour it, or perhaps dip their tiny feet in it?

Why is it so special for 1st birthday photoshoot?

Our cake smash sessions are fully personalized to suit your unique taste and preferences. We understand that everyone has different preferences, so we work closely with you to create a theme that resonates with your vision. The photos we capture during the session become cherished memories, ensuring a lifetime of joy.

To make the experience even more delightful, we include a milk bath in all our cake smash sessions. No need to worry about taking home a little one covered in cake – we've got you covered!

First birthday photoshoot in Edmonton

First birthday photoshoot in Edmonton

First birthday photoshoot in Edmonton

What is the process like?

Curious about the process? It all begins with a complimentary 20-minute call where you can share your ideas. Once you decide to book, we dive into the details of your preferences. I'll create a draft for your review, incorporating any necessary changes. I will also help you prepare your baby. On the session date, I work patiently with your baby, guiding you through every moment. Say goodbye to worries about preparation and cleanup – we've got it all covered.

What is the price like?

Our customized cake smash sessions are priced from $550 to $850.

Got Questions?

Schedule your free consultation Contact | Little One Photography ltd. and let's bring your vision to life!

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