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Tips for Cake Smash Photography session

Updated: Feb 1

Cake smashes and milk baths can be a fun experience for both baby and parents, but they can sometimes turn into a disaster. We all want the baby to love their cake and laugh the whole time, but this doesn't always happen. To ensure we have the ideal outcome, there are a few tricks that can help prepare the baby for the session.

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First and most importantly, don't let the cake smash photography session be the first time the baby touches frosting or whipped cream. Babies are clean creatures, and the sticky texture of cake may be unexpected for them. The majority of the baby will freeze and look at the parents for reassurance. Some might start to cry immediately. To avoid unwanted surprises, you can buy a small cupcake for the baby to touch and get used to the texture of frosting or whipped cream a week or two before the session. If your baby is totally fine with the texture, then good, I'm sure the cake smash session won't be a disaster. If your baby doesn't like it or starts to cry, let them take a rest and try again two days later. Usually, they will be fine on the second try.

Next, it's important to help the baby become comfortable around strangers. At the age of 8-12 months, babies start to develop a sense of anxiety around new people, especially if your baby doesn't attend daycare or isn't used to seeing a lot of people. To help decrease anxiety, you can bring your baby out in public, like a shopping mall or grocery store. It will help the baby get used to the brand-new environment. Or invite friends over so the baby can become accustomed to the feeling of being around strangers. If the session is in a few days and the baby is still nervous, make sure you let me know. I will spend more time letting the baby get used to me. Distracting the baby with funny sounds or toys can help alleviate their nervousness in a fancy but never seen setup. If necessary, one of the parents can sit with the baby to help them feel comfortable.

Edmonton Cakesmash Photography

It's also important to make sure the baby isn't hungry or sleepy before the session. I know there is a big cake that can be eaten, but that is a very new food for the baby. A hungry baby will become easily frustrated and start to cry or scream, so it's important to feed them beforehand. To ensure the baby is happy and energetic, I only take one session per day and will work with you to schedule it at the best time for your baby.

Edmonton Cake smash Photography

The last tip I have is to make sure the baby wears a diaper while in the milk bath. A lot of babies are able to hold and stand up at this age, but they are not able to stand well. All of them love to use their new skills and give them a try when they have a chance. Babies can be quick and may stand up in the tub, which can be a potential risk. A heavy diaper that absorbed water will prevent your baby from standing up and falling.

Photographing a cake smash session has lots of small details that need to be care of. Like food allergies and safety, (I only work with bakeries that have proper certification and insurance). As your cake smash photographer, you can leave the mess and worries to me and bring home a clean and happy one-year-old baby.

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