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What to Wear: Edmonton Maternity Photography

Updated: Feb 1

When my clients ask me, 'What should I wear for my maternity session?' I always take a deep breath, knowing how complex this question can be. While I offer a client closet for your convenience, I understand that you might want to bring personal outfits as well. To help you navigate this decision, here are some tips:

1. How many outfits should you bring?

I typically recommend 2-3 outfits, one of which should be lingerie to highlight your beautiful body. I don't have lingerie in my client's closet (you know, for sanity reasons), but it's worth bringing it along. The other outfits can be comfortable, everyday wear like jeans and a t-shirt and your beautiful formal dress.

Edmonton Maternity Photography, mom and family

2. Comfort is key in maternity photography.

I usually schedule maternity sessions between 28-34 weeks, when your baby is getting bigger and you're carrying more weight. It's important to wear outfits that allow for movement and comfort, particularly if we're doing an outdoor session. Loose-fitting dresses under the waist are a great option. It will be allowed your bump to move around in the dress.

3. Simplicity is always in style.

When it comes to your outfit, less is more. You invest in a quality maternity shoot and want your photos to be timeless, you don't want to look back at the photo 20 years later and say "why did I wear that?!" We want to focus on the people, not the outfits. So a simple outfit is key. I recommend solid colour outfits and avoid patterns, words, and pictures. Some patterns will flatter your body in front of the camera. But you want to show off your beautiful bump. Also, avoid words and pictures that might make your photos look dated. Solid colours are recommended for a timeless and classic feel.

When we come to the colour part. I suggest wearing one colour only. A single colour will always create maximum impact as it keeps the focus firmly on you and your bump. White, black, and cream will work well in the studio. Any neutral and pastel tones will work well for the outside shooting.

Edmonton pregnancy photographer. Mom holding her husband

4. Stay on the same page.

If your partner and kids would like to join in the session, remember that they should stay on the same page as you. This will help to connect you all as a group. For example, if you decide to wear jeans, your partner and kids should also wear jeans. If you decide to wear a formal dress, please make sure they don't come in a t-shirt.

The same idea applies to color choice. All of your colors should match. White and black are easy colors to find, but if you would like to choose a different color, please make sure your colors are similar to each other. However, don't match your partner's outfit too closely. The focus of the maternity session is on you, and your partner shouldn't be as eye-catching as you.

Edmonton Maternity Photography, Mom taking her first child

5. Small details matter.

Remember, your nails and those of your family members will be prominent in the photos.

6. Where to shop.

7. Finding an experienced photographer


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