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When is the Ideal Time for a Baby Milestone Photo?

Updated: Feb 1

The best time for baby photos

There are many families who decide to take multiple photo sessions before their baby turns one year old. The first year is a period of rapid growth, with noticeable changes happening every week. Therefore, it's definitely worth documenting all of these changes. But after the newborn stage, the question becomes which month is the best time for a baby photo shoot.

Edmonton Baby photo

The time periods I recommend for baby photos are 6 and 12 months old.

2 months -- not recommended

I do not recommend taking photos at 2 months old because the baby is in between the newborn and baby stages. It is not an ideal time for a newborn photo shoot (5-14 days), and it is too early to keep the baby awake long enough for a photo session

3 months -- not ideal baby photo time

At 3 months old, many parents want to have a photoshoot on their baby's 100th day. Ideally, it's best to wait until 4 months old. At 3 months, babies are still trying to hold their heads still and may not be able to hold their heads high or long enough for a photo shoot. However, if you specifically want a baby portrait on their 100th day and don't mind not having a push-up posture, that's also a good time. Babies can smile and laugh well at this age.

Edmonton Baby Photo

4 months -- good

The beginning of the 4 months old is a perfect time if you would prefer to have a baby portrait before they can sit. At this age, they should be able to hold their head still and laugh well. Additionally, they are not dealing with the pain of growing teeth or anxiety from seeing strangers.

5 months -- not recommend

I highly recommend waiting until the baby is 6 months old if you're considering a photo shoot at 5 months old. Usually, at 5 months old, babies won't be able to sit by themselves yet.

6-7 months -- perfect

The ages of 6-7 months are perfect for taking milestone photos. Babies can sit and start to explore the world with their hands and mouth. If you would like to have a family portrait, this is also an ideal time.

Edmonton Baby Photo

8-10 months -- good

At the age of 8-10 months old, it can be difficult to get babies to smile or laugh when you are not sitting around them because most babies start to experience separation anxiety. Sitting by themselves in an unfamiliar setup can make them nervous and not willing to show their cute smile. However, if you missed the 6-7 month window or the baby was not able to sit well at that age, 8 months is still adorable, and we can help them relax. Additionally, babies typically have two teeth at this age, which is very cute.

11 -12 months -- perfect

The ages of 11-12 months are perfect for milestone or cake smash photos because the baby is just turning one year old. This is a great time for capturing a variety of facial expressions. Additionally, they can stand up by holding onto furniture. In my opinion, the most remarkable times for baby photography are newborn photography and one-year-old photography.

Edmonton Baby Photo

In summary, if you're not sure what to do after newborn photography, I recommend 1 year old, 6-7 months old, and then 4 months old, in order of preference.

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