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When to Book Your Newborn Photoshoot: A Guide for Parents

Edmonton Newborn Photography

As a newborn photographer based in Edmonton, I often get asked, "When should I book my newborn photoshoot?" or "My baby is 3 weeks old, can I still have newborn photos done?"

In this post, we'll discuss the ideal time frame for newborn photoshoots and why it matters.

When is Considered a Newborn Photoshoot?

Typically, newborn photographers recommend scheduling the photoshoot when your baby is between 5-14 days old. This time range can vary from photographer to photographer; some might say 7-21 days, while others, like me, prefer 5-14 days. While most photographers and me are still open to photographing older babies, it's usually no later than 4 weeks old.

Edmonton Newborn Photography

Why is the Early Time Frame Important?

1. Capture Them as Small as Possible

There's something incredibly heartwarming about capturing the tiniest version of your baby. Recording these early days helps preserve those fleeting moments when your baby is at their smallest.

Imagine holding your baby in your hand and capturing that moment in a photo. Later, when they grow up, you can open your palm and say, "This is how small you were." They might respond, "I can't believe my feet were about the length of your finger!"

2. Natural Poses Like in the Womb

During the first couple of weeks, babies naturally curl up into poses similar to those they had in the womb. This makes for some truly precious and unique photos that are difficult to capture as they grow older and start to stretch out.

As a female photographer who doesn't have a child yet, I can totally understand why people decide to have kids when I see a baby curled up just like they were in the womb. You can feel that special connection between baby and mama.

Edmonton Newborn Photography

3. They Sleep More

Newborns tend to sleep a lot during their first few weeks, making it easier to pose them without causing any discomfort.

At this early stage, newborns cannot control their movements. Their sudden or uncontrolled movements can make it challenging to pose them in a small bed or any cute little prop. For the baby’s safety, I can only work when they are asleep. This is why I stop taking newborn photos of babies older than 4 weeks. If parents still want photos at that point, I recommend waiting until the baby is 3 months old to do milestone photos.

4. The Meaning of Newborn Photos

Newborn photoshoots are about more than just capturing cute images. They symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in your family’s life, preserving those first few moments of your baby's life forever. It becomes a meaningful ritual for parents and siblings, celebrating the new addition to the family.

Edmonton Newborn Photography


In summary, while the recommended age for a newborn photoshoot varies slightly among photographers, the goal is to capture your baby as early as possible. (If you are thinking of recording your birth story, check with Edmonton Birth Photographer). Doing so ensures you get those precious, tiny details, natural poses, and peaceful sleeping moments. If your baby is a bit older, don’t worry—most photographers, including myself, are flexible and can still create beautiful memories up to 4 weeks old.

If you’re based in Edmonton and looking to book a newborn session, feel free to reach out to discuss the best time for your baby’s photoshoot.


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