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Where and How Do I Use Your Kids' Photos?

Updated: Jul 11

As a baby photographer, many of my past clients have graciously allowed me to use their baby's photos on my social media and portfolio. However, I sometimes receive questions about how and where I will use these photos, and occasionally, parents express specific concerns about their child's privacy online. This blog aims to clarify where I use your baby’s photos and how I ensure their safety.

Edmonton baby photographer

Where I Use Your Baby’s Photos

I use my clients' photos on four main platforms: my website, Instagram, Facebook, and RED (the Chinese equivalent of Instagram). If you permit me to use your baby’s photo, these are the only platforms where you will see the photos. Occasionally, I might use a baby’s photo to participate in photography competitions. All these platforms are professional and secure, commonly used by other photographers as well.

How I Ensure Photo Safety

1. Anonymity and Minimal Information:

  • I do not include your baby's name (not even initials) or birth date online. This ensures that even your acquaintances are unlikely to recognize your baby from my portfolio unless you’ve shown them the photo personally.

  • I don’t typically ask for your baby’s birth date. All I need to know is how many days old the baby is. This minimizes the amount of personal information I have and need to protect.

Edmonton baby photographer

2. Conscious Use of Family Photos:

  • I am very cautious about using parents' and family photos. This is why you won’t see many sibling or family photos in my portfolio. My reasoning is that individual baby photos are harder to identify, but family or sibling photos are much more recognizable.

3. Random Posting Schedule:

  • My social media postings are not in real-time. I might post a photo from yesterday alongside one from last year. This randomness makes it difficult for anyone trying to gather specific information from my portfolio or social media pages.

Edmonton baby photographer

How I Protect Your Baby’s Privacy

1. Consent and Flexibility:

  • I always ask parents, "Do you mind if I use your baby's photo online?" I respect specific requests, such as avoiding naked photos or front-face photos. I’m flexible with these requests and do not charge an extra privacy fee if you allow me to use even a macro photo.

2. Careful Selection of Macro Photos:

  • When using macro photos, I ensure they do not reveal sensitive biological information, such as clear fingerprints or iris details. If a photo contains identifiable features, I won’t share it.


Your baby's safety and privacy are my top priorities. By taking these precautions, I strive to create a secure environment where we can share and celebrate the beautiful moments captured in your baby’s photos. If you have any concerns or specific requests regarding the use of your baby's photos, please feel free to discuss them with me. Your trust and peace of mind are paramount.

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