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Edmonton Newborn Photography Studio

In 2022, I finished building my dream Newborn Photography Studio in Edmonton. My goal for this space was for parents to have immediate feelings of comfort, calm, and peace. I understand that sometimes it might be the parent's first trip form home, and it can be a little scary to venture out, as well as a little scary to trust your newborn baby with someone you have never met. I get it, and I want you to know that you and your baby are in perfect hands with me. All you have to do is show up and I take care of everything else.

My home studio is located in the Windermere area of Edmonton. You will park your vehicle in my garage to avoid contact with the chilly weather here in Edmonton, walk through our front door, and down some stairs to arrive in my photography studio room. There are 2 very comfortable couches, a changing table, as well as water and snacks for your convenience. I keep everything extremely clean and sanitized and take very seriously the health safety of newborns that arrive here.

The Face Behind the Camera

Newborn, Cake Smash, Maternity, Family Photographer. Edmonton Little One Photography

My name is Samantha, a professional newborn baby photographer based in Edmonton, Canada.​

My Windermere, Edmonton Alberta-based newborn photography studio began with a love story, much like the love story that heralded your baby’s arrival. My dream started with a passion for perfume and science, seeking to capture in a bottle the perfect balance of scent. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta, I was destined for Paris to learn the art of perfumery when love hit the pause button on my studies.


Love intervened and I transitioned to capturing the essence of you and your newborn at your most intimate and precious moments instead. Now as a photographer, I share your love story by taking beautiful maternity, baby and newborn photos that tell the world who you are better than any scent ever could.  


Applying my background in science to the science of understanding light, the environment, and the technology necessary to capture memorable photographic moments instead, I now capture beautiful baby moments from behind the lens of my camera as a newborn photographer, rather than creating scent behind the scenes in a laboratory.


From working in a professional newborn photography studio and taking pictures with clients, I took a leap of faith from my love of capturing “spur of the moment” events behind the camera and transitioned my creative talents and skills into a next-step career behind the lens. Specializing in newborn photography and maternity photography in Edmonton, I hope that one day children will look back fondly on photos, recognizing with a smile, “that was little me!” 


My science background and attention to detail also complement digital photography and photoshop skills learned through extensive training combined with on the job experience while previously working with a professional photography studio. Now located in Windermere, Little One Photography also offers cake smash pictures, family portraits with parents and grandparents and yes, we take headshots too. Outdoor photo shoots can also be arranged subject to Edmonton weather conditions of course and are typically scheduled May through October.

Looking for a Newborn Photographer in Edmonton? 


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