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General Questions:

Q: Has everything involved in the photo shoot been sanitized?
A: Yes, all the clothes wraps are washed before each use. I schedule only one photo shoot per day, so I make sure the whole house is sanitized by alcohol before you come. The baby's safety is of the utmost importance to me.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, I have commercial insurance and all the legal permits that I should have. I pay extra attention to babies and your safety, so I assume you won't need it.

Q: How much will it cost to obtain an extra retouched photo?
A: $80 for newborn, maternity and family photo and $40 for everything else.

Q: Do I have to come again to choose the photos?
A: You can select the photos online. 

Q: Do I get all the original photos?
A: Sorry no, the original photos are not finalized work, so I don't sell them or give them away.

Q: When should I pay?
A: A non-refundable service fee needs to be paid when you want to make a reservation. The rest need to be paid in full on the session day. 

Q: What payment method do you provide?

A: We provided e-transfer and online payment option when you pay the deposit. The rest can be paid by credit/debit card.

Newborn Photography Sessions:

Q: When is the best time to take newborn photos?
A: Newborn photography sessions should take place during the baby's first 5-14 days for the best result. But I accept up to 4 weeks old baby.

Q: How do you ensure my baby's safety?
A: My sessions are baby leading sessions, which means, I only do what your baby allows me to do. I never force the baby to do poses. I take newborn classes and other training such as first aide training frequently, to make sure I have all the updated knowledge about newborns' mental and physical health. I started working in this industry in 2020, I have confidence in my experience about what should I do and should not do.

Q: What about twins?
A: I charge $150 extra for twins.

Q: What if my baby won't sleep, are we expecting less photos?
A: Some babies tend to be alert during the session (especially older baby). I do not set time limit for all of my newborn session, so you can expect the same number of retouched photos. But if your baby keeps crying or stays alert, I will have to wrap them up. This is for the safety purposes; I only pose baby when they are relaxing. 

Q: Can we bring dogs\cats to the studio?
A: Yes, you can. But they need to leave the studio when they are done with their part. I don't recommend bringing animals into your newborn photography session. Your baby probably only gives us a tiny bit of window to fall in sleep. Posing your pet will take much longer time than you expected. When your baby refuse to get back to sleep, we will have to wrap her\him up. 


Milestone & Cake Smash Photography Sessions:


Q: What if my kids don't laugh at all?
A: Not all kids react by laughing cake smash or milestone photography sessions. They might cry, eat, play, etc. These are all natural reactions, which are very adorable. 

Q: What age do you recommend taking milestone pictures?
A: For milestone photo sessions, you should wait at least 3 months for your child to be able to hold their head steady, and 6-8 months for them to sit without support. It depends on your desired outcome.

Q: Do you provide cake? What cake do you provide?
A: Yes, cake will be provided. The design of the cake will depend on the colour you chose or the outfit you chose. Please advise ahead if your kids have any food allergy. All cakes are purchased from good repetitional local store. The most common store we go to is AI baking & Wild Rose Cake.

Q: My kid is allergic to egg\milk\flour, can we still do cake smash?
A: We provide gluten free cake, please inquiry for more info. If your baby has other food allergy, we recommend milestone session instead.

Q: Are twins able to do cake smash together?
A: Yes, $100 extra will be charged.

Family Photography Sessions:

Q: How many people can I bring to the family session?
A: I typically photograph immediate family members during family photography sessions, but I understand that the grandparents will want to take photos with your little one as well. So I do have grandparents package as well. Please contact for more details.

Q: Can we change the appointment if it's not sunny?
A: I usually communicate with you in the beginning what result are you expecting. If you are expecting a sun glow in your photo, I have to change your schedule if it's cloudy. If you book in the rain session, you might expect several schedule change.  Other than that, I only change schedule if it's a not reasonable to photography. 

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