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Edmonton Family Photography

Your Edmonton Family Photographer

Family photos create an avenue to revisit every special moment in the future. The more authentic your poses and smiles are, the more it will become a meaningful portrait at your home. 


Now, I understand that every family member has a unique personality. And it’s hard to capture that in a single shot. Therefore, I highly recommend partnering with a professional family photographer Edmonton Alberta.

Why Choose Little One Family Photography Service?

Family Photo Studio

Worrying about where to shoot your family portraits? Worry no more. I will pick the right spot for your photoshoot. 


My portrait studio in Edmonton will also take care of your backdrop, props, and wardrobe. I also have a few snacks to make you and your family feel at home.


Child-Friendly Professional Photographer

Not all professional photographers have the patience to capture family pictures. That’s totally true especially when there are kids who cry and play a lot. But what makes family photographers, like me, different is our way of handling kids during photo sessions. 


Making your little ones laugh, participate, and enjoy in front of the camera is my expertise. Not to mention that I also have training for kiddy emergencies.


Proper Preparation Advice

My commitment to providing excellent family portrait photography starts before the scheduled photoshoot. I want your family to prepare before the session, so expect to have some tips and guidelines from me. I will also walk you through all the preparation. That includes proper outfits, the best time to shoot, and even the appropriate poses.


Quality Post-Production Service

And, of course, my family photoshoots service doesn’t end after the photoshoot. I will ensure that you will get all raw pictures with color correction. The family package also includes 15 retouched photos of your choice to make your album high quality.

Book Your Family Photographer in Edmonton Now

At Little One Photography, my team believes that family photography should be fun. It must be a stress-free activity that you and your little ones will enjoy. 


Forget all the hassle. Leave all the drama. And yes, no more yelling. 


Our years of experience will ensure that this will not just be an ordinary photoshoot session. It will become a memorable experience for your whole family. 


Call us today so you can reserve your slot.

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