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Edmonton Baby Photography

Why Choose Little One Photography?

Fully Customized: Our baby milestone session is entirely tailored to your preferences. You can choose your favourite colours and props to incorporate into the setup. 

No time Limit: Every baby is unique. Some may need more time to acclimate to new surroundings. We don't impose a time limit on our cake smash sessions, allowing your baby to become comfortable in the new environment.

Studio: We've curated a studio space that ensures you feel at ease and beautiful during the session. With convenient winter garage parking, comfortable couches, and provided water and snacks, all you need to focus on is feeling your best.

Safety: Making kids laugh isn't challenging, but ensuring their safety during a cake smash can be. I'm trained to prevent common child emergency like choking and well-versed in handling choking situations. 

Edmonton Baby Photography

Milestone sessions capture the beautiful journey of your little one as they embrace new stages. These sessions are offered at 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months, each marking a unique milestone in your baby's growth.

See For Yourself

During the 3-month milestone session, babies often start showing their adorable smiles. It's an ideal time to capture those joyful expressions and infectious laughter. Sometimes, they even attempt the push-up pose, showcasing their early physical development. As babies reach 6 to 9 months, they're able to sit confidently and eagerly explore the world around them using their curious hands and mouths. This period is also perfect for the popular sitter milestone session.

In this special session, your baby's personality truly shines through. Some might try to "escape" from the setup, while others might be more interested in their favorite activity – eating! Our goal is to capture the uniqueness of your little one's personality and their remarkable behaviors.

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